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February 17, 2012

Earthquakes in Maine

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Weston Observatory seismographs recorded several earthquakes near Machias, Maine during the morning of February 17. There have been 6 earthquakes recorded so far. The 4 largest can be seen on the seismogram below. The first is a magnitude 2.3 occurring at 12:52 AM EST, the second is a magnitude 2.4 occurring at 1:03 AM EST, the third is a magnitude 1.7 occurring at 1:40 AM EST and the fourth is a magnitude 0.8 occurring at 1:26 AM EST.  2 more earthquakes are too small to be seen on this seismogram.

If you have felt these earthquakes or believe you have felt another, please contact Weston Observatory at 617-552-8300

Below is a seismogram of the PKME seismic station located in Peaks-Kenny State Park.

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